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BIM Clashing
BIM Clashing

Clash MEP designs with our wood / steel wall panels in Navisworks or other clashing software.

Eagles Trace - Houston, Tx
Eagles Trace - Houston, Tx

Architects have access to our framing models to help them finalize any areas of concern in their main model.

Interior Rendering
Interior Rendering

BIM Clashing
BIM Clashing

Clash MEP designs with our wood / steel wall panels in Navisworks or other clashing software.



Advanced Component Solutions, LLC is a design service that works with many areas of the construction industry including:


  • BIM Framing for Clashing and Production Drawings using Autodesk Revit with a 350 LOD

  • Component Manufacturing Design - floor/roof truss and wall panels

  • House Plan Design 

  • Interior and Exterior 3D rendering.

  • Interactive Virtual Walkthroughs


   BIM modeling is becoming the new standard in design techniques and collaboration. Let ACS create all wood/steel framing components for your BIM model to be clashed with MEP's in Navisworks or any other clashing program.


  Need help with a set of plans? We will help you design your dream home and supply you with a set of construction ready plans for your contractor.


ACS also helps component manufacturers ease the workload on their design department. We design all components to your needs (Roof, Floor, Wall, I-Joist) remotely and bill you as a vendor.


   We provide material takeoffs and architectural services to lumber yards and home builders as well as home owners. We use the newest BIM ( Building Information Model) software to create stunning 3D renderings of your visions and ideas. We also give you the ability to do a virtual walk through the home with furniture and​ appliances in place to get the full effect.

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Designing with Imagination and Innovation
Where Will Your Imagination Take You ?

We Make Your Dream Home A Reality

ACS is your one stop shop for creating your next dream home. From the concept stage to construction drawings, ACS will help you all the way. Click here​ to see all the services ACS can handle on your next project. Our designers come from a strong structural design background allowing us to catch costly errors and inefficiencies in draft designs. This reassures the client that they will be getting a design that is safe and cost efficient. ​



​​ACS gives our clients the ability to visualize their ideas in 3D. We work with you through the preliminary drawing stage, giving us a layout to work with. Once the client is satisfied with the basic blueprint, we then give our clients the opportunity to tour their design as an interior walk through or exterior wrap around. This allows our clients to visualize the finer details of their home design. We can even visualize how the lighting from the sun affects the look and feel of each room. We create a virtual world for you to test out your ideas and dreams. ​

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Creating Opportunities for your Business to Grow

​​ACS focuses on what each clients specific design needs are and we create a cost efficient solution for them. We want you to save money by using our services. With technology advancing exponentially, we strive to stay on the cutting edge of new design software and practices.


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